Hello from beautiful Montana:

Yesterday, someone said to me; "I love your blogs and ezine, but I don't always get it.  What is the focus, the theme, the direction?"  I just laughed and said, "what do you need that day?"

Because when I start writing, I set the intention to write what somebody, somewhere needs. If the particular issue is not one you are struggling with, then just skim it or delete. Or share with someone who is struggling with concerns.

I invite you to do what I do each day when I read Dear Abby, the advice columnist in the local paper, I send a blessing to the writer who is having the problem and Abby (or whoever) and the staff for finding and offering solutions to make life easier for others.

 Here is what Erin, my assistant, posted on the front page of the website http://www.ArtichokePress.com  the main site for my books, teleclass registration, workshops and coaching classes.

You have been drawn here
because of a specific need, quandary or problem. Please allow Judy’s
approach and affordable products, coaching, and classes
assist you in finding answers and solutions.


So, the theme and direction is what you need and want.  Ask Auntie Artichoke your questions.  Submit them here in comments or on Facebook.

I am also offering a special on Coaching for  Success in School. 

This may be the perfect opportunity for your child (10-18) to receive private coaching on organization, making friends, homework, being assertive in class and finding direction from an unbiased source.

The cost is $50 per phone session, with action plans and  privacy. By scheduling 4 sessions at once, you save $10.00 each session.  Call me, the interview is free  406.549-9813. This is not counseling or therapy but mentoring for success from a non judgmental Auntie Artichoke.

A great investment in the future.

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