With all of the concerns about global warming and the effect we are having on the environment, it is naturally becoming important to more and more people to live greener lives. All of us want to have a green home and family but are not sure what to do first.

We want to do our part in sustainable living and making our communities better places to live and work.

Our homes should be like apprentice shops of how to live and function in the world around us. The home our children live in will hopefully become the first place they are taught to respect and honor the precious resources of the Earth. Since home is the place where we spend the majority of our time teaching each other, it makes sense to instill respect for all people, places, and things as we go about our lives.

Mother Earth, Global Warming, Recycle,reuse, and repair, family works together to make a better world. Teach kids to help at home.
Kids love to be a part of keeping Mother Earth green and flourishing. Teach them to compost the leaves after they rake, jump in and have fun with them.

8 Easy Green Things To Do In Your Home
• Cut way down on use of disposable paper. Use cloth napkins (we buy packages of cotton terry washcloths when they are on sale)
• Read the ingredient list on the back on the bottles of cleaners, lotions, shampoos etc. the fewer ingredients, the better for you and for the landfill.
• Use phosphate-free detergent and if possible avoid chlorine bleach. Try vineager instead. It works great.
• Flush the toilet less often. My grandpa said the saying in the depression was “If it is brown, flush it down, if it is yellow, let it mellow.”
• Take short showers instead of long baths.
• Turn off lights when you are not in the room. We have installed dimmer switches.
• Avoid disposable items, such as disposable cameras, razors etc.
• When you do laundry, use a warm water wash and a cold rinse.
• Use natural fibers for clothes and household lines instead of permanent press and no iron materials.

Many Ways To Love Mother Earth

There are many things we can do to assist our families in becoming responsible, caring citizens of the earth. Having a Green home and family is easy and fun to do and makes a better world.

Quiz For Your Family

  1. We recycle our aluminum cans?
  2. We compost our food scraps (but not meat)?
  3. We walk as many places as possible?
  4. We reduce, re-use, & re-cyle?

How Did Your Family Do?  Can You Do More?

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You will be glad you did.

8 Easy Tips For A Green Home & Family

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