Hello from beautiful Montana:

Today we had a brunch with a group of friends. Most were middle aged and very talented, but stressed with worries about relationships, money and health- the major concerns of most people. They were also anxious because of the economy and fearful of losing their jobs and retirement savings.

In addition to sharing omelets, fresh fruit and coffee, we shared concerns for the future of retaining jobs, health care and "boomerang children" who were back home to live.

Yes, it was a gloomy conversation filled with forecasts of anxiety, fear and uncertainty. Some people were fearful of sharing problems because they didn't want to be thought of as negative or depressed.

Support and Brainstorm

On the second round of refilled coffee cups came the announcement from one of the guests; "Hey, we are some of the smartest people around and between us we know the people who know the people. Instead of being anxious, let's be active."

So, we brainstormed strategies and checked phone books for numbers and came up with at least a plan or two for every situation. Nothing was too off the wall or far fetched.  Contacts were found, ideas were formulated and leads were generated.

We exchanged names of insurance agents, companies  looking for skilled workers, and promises to review resumes and write letters of recommendations.

Every Situation Has Solutions

I have always maintained that every situation has at least five solutions, we just need to look for answers in different ways.  That is what we did at brunch today. We used the synergy of the group to generate fresh ideas and new ways to look at old problems.

Lives were changed today because rather than be safe and isolated in their concerns,people were willing to be open about their vulnerabilities.  We found that support from others who had experienced similar situations was comforting. Encouraging words were spoken that gave courage to those who had been afraid and worried.

Confidence is Contagious

The more we talked, brainstormed and got creative the more confident we all became. By learning from each other to be prepared, proactive and positive we became more assured in our individual confidence.  We also knew who to call when we needed specific advice on a particular problem.

Was it easy to admit failure, worries or fears to others you didn't know? No, it was very hard, but once one person opened up, then others not only were eager to help, but were more willing to share their own concerns.

If You Want to Increase Your Confidence

Please go to http://www.EncourageSelfConfidence.com for my latest book and a number of bonus items that will assist you in overcoming fear and anxiety. When you have finished reading it, invite some friends over for eggs and toast and share what you have learned.  Build a community of confidence.

In gratitude,

Judy H. Wright aka Auntie Artichoke, family relationship author and keynote speaker

Anxiety and Fear Can Be Overcome With Community