Good morning from beautiful Montana;

Yesterday we discussed visual learners which make up 80% of the population.  They have a sharp clear picture of an experience and are frustrated when others can’t see it.

Auditory learners gather information by hearing and listening.  They prefer to share information orally.

  • Choose seats where they can hear but don’t need to pay attention to what is happening in front
  • May be absorbing information but appear to be disinterested
  • Usually have a great memory for spoken words and ideas
  • Love to have stories read to them with a lot of expression
  • Remember the lyrics to songs.  Prefer musical activities
  • May not coordinate colors or clothes
  • Hum or talk to themselves or others when bored
  • Acquire knowledge by reading aloud
  • Remember by verbalizing lessons to themselves
  • May have problems with conceptual assignments like mathematics

So, does this learning style sound right to you?  Do you prefer talking to reading?  Do you prefer verbal instructions rather than a manual?  Do you sound out a word when you are trying to spell it? Do you use words like these when describing a situation: tinkling, silent, squeal, roaring, dripping,whistling, screaming?

It sounds like you may be an auditory learner?  Ten percent of us are. It bugs us when we think others don’t hear what we are saying.

What do you think?  Please comment and let’s start a dialog.

Judy H. Wright

Auditory Learning Style-Learn by Hearing, Listening and Sound