Hello from beautiful Montana:

I am going out of town this weekend to speak to a woman's conference.  They are women who work under a lot of stress and need assistance in learning how to bounce back from adversity. They are frequently placed in situations that could break their spirit, should they allow it. They are underpaid, over worked and little appreciated.They get yelled at, bitten, spit on and ignored by people they love.

Oh, Did I Say They Are Moms and Day Care Providers

In their jobs, they are expected to know everything, including federal regulations and how to tie shoes. These angels are expected to not only teach social skills, basic education but also character traits. Character and values are not just taught but are modeled by the adults in a child's life.

The life skills the parents and caregivers share with children will set those children on a path of dependence or interdependence for the rest of their lives.

Learn to Bend, It's Better Than Breaking

Resilient means flexible, adaptable, un-breakable and able to bounce back from adversity or difficult situations. Resiliency assumes that all of us have abilities, attitudes and tendencies that can help us survive, even thrive, in very stressful situations.

While some abilities to be a bounce back person, many are developed or enhanced by exposure to supportive people. These positive personal tendencies and environmental conditions are called protective factors and life skills.  Like all skills, these can be taught and learned, no matter what your age or situation in life.

At Least Five Solutions to Every Situation

My message to parents, grandparents, child care providers, teachers, coaches and mentors of young people is always the same; Become a problem solver.

Even when the temptation is to give up, don't! There are children watching how you cope with disappointment. They are modeling your problem solving skills. They need you to teach them to bend and bounce back but never break.

You Can Do It

I have confidence in your ability to learn or practice being a bounce back Mom.

With gratitude,

Judy H. Wright aka Auntie Artichoke, family relationship coach and author

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Bend, Bounce Back or Break- How Resilient Are You As A Mom?