Hello from beautiful Montana- Thought I would share how to play the commandment game. I am a great believer in making learning fun.  You can use any similar game to teach lists.

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Hello Judy, I liked your piece on The Ten Commandments. Very
thought provoking and insightful. I appreciate you!

You mentioned that
you'd be willing to teach a game about how to learn The Ten Commandments. My son
is a second grader at a private Christian school and I would love to teach this
to him. PLUS, it would help me!

Thank you in advance and God bless


Here you go. Count off on your fingers and then go back and review each time. Help them to think of the thing and the number and it will remind them.

 I won't write the commandments, but this is the jist of them and how to remember them forever. Look them up ( I think they are in Exodus)

You will see it in your mind's eye and you will also remember the joy of learning with someone who loves you and wants you to succeed in life.

1. One and only God
2. Zoo-zoos have animal statues out front-graven images
3. Tree-trees have branches, branches have leaves, leaves have veins-Name in vain
4. Door- Doors have locks, locks have keys, key reminds you to keep the Sabbath day holy and to rest from working on a regular basis
5. Drive- Your parents drive you around and you should honor and respect them.
6.Sticks- If you hit someone hard enough with a stick, you could kill them, so don't do that
7. Heaven- You won't get to Heaven if you commit adultery or don't stay faithful. Keep your promises.
8. Gate- Do not go into someone's property and take their property. Stealing is wrong.
9.Lying- Do not tell lies. Always tell the truth
10. Hen-Don't wish you had your neighbors hen, or toys or money. Don't covet and want what other people have.

Good luck.  You do an important work with your family.
Love, Judy H. Wright

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Commandment Game-learning is fun