Hello from Montana:

This is  tight economy this year, and if you have small children If your family is having hard time in this tight economy, give grandparents a true gift of loveand a lot of expenses, you may be looking for ways to make homemade fun and gifts.

Cards From Construction Paper

When your child makes a greeting card or coupon book for the grandparents or extended family members, it just costs a little time and they have produced a precious one of of kind gift.  Provide them some construction paper or recycled computer paper, a set of crayons or markers, an envelope and it is done!

If your kids can’t write yet, let them draw a picture of something fun they like to do with their grandparents.  Perhaps they will want to include a leaf found on a walk, a recent snapshot or a sample school page with a good grade on it.  You can write the story as they tell you.

No matter what they send, it will be treasured by the grandparents much more than one more “thing.”  Relatives love knowing that the kids actually thought of them and wanted to send them a small reminder of their special relationship.

Kids Need to Learn About Homemade Fun

Your children see many toys and trinkets and really want them.  As loving parents, you wish you could fulfill their every desire. As loving parents you also know that is not only impractical but would be teaching the wrong lesson to the kids to get everything they want. They would develop an air of expectancy and instant gratification that would set them up for disappointment for the rest of their lives.

If you are willing to spend a little time helping them make homemade cards and stories, they will learn that gifts that mean the most come from the heart.

As a grandma and auntie, I have to tell you I have a whole drawer full of homemade cards.  They have been my greatest gifts.  To think someone was willing to spend time, no matter how tight the economy is, is the greatest gift of all.

In gratitude,

Judy H. Wright aka Auntie Artichoke, family relationship author and motivational speaker


Great Gifts for Grandparents in Tight Economy