10 Qs from
Justin Sachs

I’d like to introduce you to Justin Sachs who is
the author of a new book, Your Mailbox Is
and is the founder of the Creating Possibilities Coaching Program in
which Justin helps teenagers to increase their grades, eliminate procrastination,
and create balance in all the areas of their life.

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do you do?

I work with teenagers to increase their
grades, eliminate procrastination, create balance in their lives, and overcome
any obstacles standing in their way of success.

Tell us
about your new book.

Your Mailbox Is Full is a book for teenagers,
that teaches them the tools they need to become successful in school and
throughout their lives. They learn things like goal setting, time management,
living a healthy lifestyle, and modeling and attracting success.

did you write it?

When I was 14 years old I went to my first
Tony Robbins Seminar and I was in a room full of thousands of adults thinking,
“Where’s all the teenagers?” “Why aren’t other youth here getting these
powerful tools and strategies?” It was with that realization that I found my
passion: Empowering teenagers with life-skills and leadership development tools
for success. That’s what my book is all about: Teaching youth the most powerful
skills they need to know to create enormous success and fulfillment in life!
Now, teenagers don’t have to wait until they are 30 or 40 to get these tools
and strategies, they are available to them within Your Mailbox Is Full.

makes you an expert in your field?

After going to Anthony Robbins seminars for 3
years, I began working for his product sales team and non-profit organization
at all his events worldwide.  I then
began working for Mark Victor Hansen, the co-founder of Chicken Soup for the
Soul Series, and learned even more about life-skills, writing a book, and
supporting people in bringing possibility into their lives. I then read
everything I could get my hands on from The Secret, to Jack Canfield, to
Stephen Covey, to Eckart Tolle, among many others. I learned everything I
possibly could about personal development and transformation such that I can
now create transformation in others!

type of people should read your book?

The book is designed for teenagers and young
adults, but parents throughout the country are reading the book and loving
every page! The contents of the book are limitless, this is the perfect book
for anyone looking to take their lives to the next level, especially youth!

you on any social networks? Eg. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

Yes, on www.Twitter.com/JustinSachs or http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=511068642

for Teens or Parents of Teens

Follow your passions and never give up on your
dreams! If you have a goal, a vision, or a hope for the future, hold on to it,
focus on it, and take action to make it happen! You’ll be amazed at how quickly
your dreams will manifest themselves when energy is focused on them.


Every day,
every week and every month, you must challenge yourself to continue to grow to
new heights and to take your standards to higher and higher levels. ~ Justin

Theme Park

Walt Disney World of course!!!

10. How can we purchase your book? Learn more
about you? Do you have a blog?

My book is available on my website: www.YourMailboxIsFullBook.com
To learn more about my coaching services visit www.JustinSachsOnline.com and be
sure to check out my new radio show at www.MotivationalMindsRadio.com


In Graditude, Judy H. Wright aka Auntie Artichoke

PS: Justin is a bright young man and I am excited to order his book for my teenage grandchildren.

Justin Sachs Helps Teenagers Increase Their Grades