Good Morning from beautiful Montana:

Last night I was giving a parenting class at the Adult Learning Center on learning styles.  Two of the participants did not have children yet, but worked with youth in their church and wanted tips on effective communications.  I am very proud of those who are proactive in their relationships, rather than reactive when a conflict or crisis comes along.

As a group, we discussed how many conflicts in the home, workplace and world are because people don’t always process information the same way. It is as if we are speaking different languages and assume everyone can readily understand us, it is them that have the problem.

In the next few days, I am going to discuss the various styles.  See which one resonates with you.

Visual learners gather information by seeing and looking.  They share information by writing and describing what they see in the mind’s picture.

  • Take lots of detailed notes
  • Tend to sit in the front of the class where they can see the teacher and board
  • Usually dress and groom well
  • Often close their eyes so they can visualize or remember something
  • Find something to watch if they are bored
  • Benefit from illustrations and presentations that use color
  • Attracted to written or spoken language that paints mind pictures
  • Like to read books that are rich in imagery

Do you make pictures in your mind?  Phrases used by visuals include: “can you see what I need?” This looks good” “I visualize something bigger” “Something is wrong in this picture.”

I will be seeing you soon.

Judy H. Wright

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Visual Learning Style-Learn by Seeing and Looking