Do you know the two factors which all successful people have in common? According to Jane Kitson aka Mother Goose speaking at a recent child care conference, it is the ability to read and to think in creative ways to solve problems.

As teachers, parents, coaches, leaders in community activities it is our best interest to help a child to read and to stimulate their imagination so they can think creatively. When we educate our children, we educate and empower our community with intelligent leaders.

Every Child is Ready to Learn

Even very young babies are enthralled with stories, songs and rhythms and nursery rhymes. There is a lot that children need to learn before he or she actually begins to read. A parent or child care provider can point to pictures an name them to the toddler. They will start to learn things about reading even if they don't completely grasp what the story is about.

When your child sits on your lap as you read, he feels safe, loved and bonded. He or she also learns that you enjoy reading and spending together.

Here are Some Tips to Teach Basic Reading Readiness Skills

  1. First they must understand that letters are symbols and each symbol makes a sound.  Being able to recognize letters of the alphabet does not necessarily that toddlers are ready to read.  They will soon make the connection that sounds can be combined to make words…that words combine to make sentences..and that sentences have meanings. This is vital in developing language.
  2. Build a bigger vocabulary by using complete sentences.  They will learn the meaning of words by hearing them in context of conversations.  
  3. Build a love for reading by making it fun and entertaining.  As you read a story, stop and ask your child questions that help them to problem solve and think outside the box. "Wow, that must have been exciting to find the treasure. What would you do if you found a treasure?"       

Spend Time Reading To Children 

The more time you spend with your child reading, singing and talking the bigger his/her vocabulary will be and the more you will instill a love for learning.  You will want to spend time allowing for imaginative play, puzzles and encouraging creative thinking.

Increased attention span and imagination will follow when parents, teachers and child care providers limit TV, video games and other electronics that don't require much thought.

High Predictor of Success

Just as "Mother Goose" and other educators taught at the child care conference, reading and vocabulary are the highest predictors of success. So, just talk, read and sing to your children while you are preparing  dinner and eating meals together and your whole family will be successful.

The more children are read to, the easier reading is going to be for them.

In gratitude,

Judy H. Wright aka Auntie Artichoke, family relationship author and keynote speaker

3 Tips To Help Your Child Read and Problem Solve