No one can avoid the sheer appeal of a puppy, their curious expressions, snugly cuddly faces and wiggly squirmy little bodies.

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Kids interviewed for this book said that having an animal friends was their Number one self-soothing skill. See for more info.

But behind this cuteness is a multitude of challenges. There are different challenges  in an older dog. But, it is so important to have a pet that will offer unconditional love and acceptance to family members.
Deciding to share your home with a cutie dog is a step towards a wonderful experience. So, why don’t you take the next step which is adopting an older dog? There are many dogs waiting for you to invite them into your home. They will repay you with so much love and devotion.

Adopting an Older Dog
With an older dog, non-stop curious energy and puppy faces are gone. They developed a sense of self, maturity and a sort of wisdom. Older dos are like a basketball glove, conditioned, relaxed and ready to play the later innings in this game of life. They are already trained and require a less attention too.
People have hesitation in adopting an older dog for many different reasons:
• They won’t get along with the new family
• They won’t be fun
• They are stubborn
• They will have expensive medical bills
These myths about adopting an older dog are dispelled easily because of the dose of reality or with the time spend with the older dogs.
Try to visit a local rescue group or an animal shelter and you will notice that most of the dogs that are available are the older ones. The reason is not because they are un-trained, difficult or unwell. The disappointing reality is that people move, change their lives and the puppy bought for a child was left behind and became inconvenience for busy parents and teenagers.

Life Spans of different breeds

For more information on the different life spans and expected medical problems of older dogs, see

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You will be glad you did.

Adopt An Older Dog- Great Choice For Pet Parents