Hello from beautiful Montana:

Today we are going to the Habitat for Humanity office. No, not to sign up to help build a home for someone in our community. Unfortunately, I have an auto-immune condition that makes my muscles weak and my husband has a bad back. (Not excuses, just explanations.)

But we do want to give assistance to those who can help hammer, saw, cut and carry in order to build a house. We are going to give a donation and pick up an item we won on a silent auction fundraiser.

Time, Talent or Treasure

Each one of us can contribute to our communities or causes by giving of our time, talent or treasure.  There will be periods in your life when you have more time than treasure (money and goods) and so you show up to do the physical work that needs to be done.

Contribute talent by manning a phone tree, fixing lunch, writing thank you notes, or being on the board of directors of a non profit.  It is amazing what needs can be met by the skills and talents of another.

Sharing treasure is a way to give monetarily. Either donate cash or buy products that can be used by the group. Perhaps you could donate food or tools. This is an important part of the cycle of community right now because of the down turn of the economy.

Giving Assistance is a Win-Win Situation

It is important that each member of society looks for ways to make a better family, neighborhood, community, city, area, region, state, nation and world.  We can all do some little thing to help our neighbor and improve our surroundings. No one person can do everything, but each one of us can do something. No matter how small the contribution, it will flow into the larger good of mankind.

When you do something as simple as holding a door open for the next person, donating food at the food pantry, saying please and thank you, or building houses for Habitat for Humanity, you feel good and so does the recipient.

This gesture of friendliness and willingness to share our time, talent and treasure is what is going to make a better world, one small gesture at a time.

In Gratitude,

Judy H. Wright aka Auntie Artichoke, family relationship author and speaker

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Build The Community- Give Assistance Where You Can