Hello from beautiful Montana:

As parents and children are preparing for back to school sales and worrying about what jeans are "in" this year, I want to remind you that I do Confidence Coaching. Please consider hiring me to help your child make this year the best one ever.

So here is what I offer:

  • Once a week private phone coaching session with a non judgmental, supportive Auntie and your child (between ages of 8 and 18)
  • Once a month over the phone or webinar mastermind session with other kids in the same age group.
  • A copy of my workbook Building Self Confidence and the eBook Use Encouraging Words.
  • twice a week emails and following on Twitter or text

Here is What it Will Do For Your Young Adult:

  • Give them a coach in their corner who is not micro-managing their life.
  • Knowledge that I am a "safe" person and friend. Their confidentiality will never be broken (unless they are in danger.)
  • Teach them skills and techniques for making friends, getting organized, liking themselves and communicating with parents, teachers and playground politics.
  • Give them an opportunity to relax and know there is no grade or pressure to perform, just a sounding board and guiding hand at helping them make their own choices and increase self esteem.
  • Help them set up an Action Plan for the school year and beyond.

Here is What I Want You To Do Next:

  • Talk it over as a family and decide how much it would mean to have a successful year without the stresses of previous years.
  • All successful athletes, musicians and actors have coaches. I will provide the guidance, the young adult will provide the practice and follow through.
  • Have the young adult phone me (set up an appointment at Judy@ArtichokePress.com) to see if they would like to have me coach them in some skills for success.
  • Have the parents call me and discuss how much of the fee ($40.00 a session or $150.00 a month) the young adult will pay and how much you will pay.
  • Understand that the contract to coach is between the young adult and myself, unless you, as parents would like family  relationship coaching.

If you need more information, call me at 406-549-9813 or email Judy@ArtichokePress.com

With best wishes,

Judy H. Wright aka Auntie Artichoke, family relationship coach and author

Confidence Coach- The Best Way to Prepare for School and Life