Parenting Perfection is not Possible-Focus on the Learning Experience

Perfection is not Possible-Focus on the Learning Experience Raising Responsible Children may seem overwhelming to you, especially if you don’t know the way. Many times just a suggestion from another parent gives you ideas for your own family situation. The time and effort spent to help your child have positive learning experiences in your home will be an investment in the future. Believe me, it’s worth it!

Discipline But Never Punish (EXPERT)

Are you curious about the difference between discipline and punishment? Would you like to learn the truth about how to discipline without damage to the spirit of the child or employee? This interesting blog post will provide you with a unique perspective on why discipline is a positive way to help others gain competency and become competent adults.

Natural and Logical Consequences (EXPERT)

Natural and logical choices are an important part of discipline, not only with our children but ourselves as well. When we forget to pay the light bill, the electricity is shut off. That naturally follows the action. What if there is not a natural consequence to an inappropriate choice? Then we create on that is tied in some way to the learning lesson. If a child does not pick up his toys as asked, then the toys are taken away for a period of time.