Hello from Montana:

My team just returned from Los Angeles where we attended Eben Pagan's Guru BootCamp for Internet Marketers. It was a very intense learning experience with lots of networking and sharing with other participants.

How People Learn

As we did small group exercises and shared our insights, it was amazing to me to see how different people had perceived and integrated the same message. Perhaps you have experienced this same feeling of being on information overload.

When our team reviewed our notes in the hotel room, each of us had gleaned individual learning of nuggets of wisdom from the same conference.

Eben talked about the different styles of learning, but they were different than the ones I learned in early education training.  His styles certainly make sense and especially in a subject area as complex as internet marketing.

Because adults are scanning more and reading less, it is important to address key components of the subject in a way they will learn with.

His research has indicated the four main types of learners.  How we learn is typically how we teach.

  1. Those that need the Why. These learners are only motivated by the outcome they desire or to avoid a pain.  This is about 1/3 of the population.
  2. Those learners that need to find out about What.  They are abstract thinkers, like the stories and statistics.They want to know about your subject but from a logical place of reference. Most college professors and teachers are What learners.
  3. How to learners  want a recipe, formula and steps to follow. In the children I work with, these are the ones that cannot break down something like "clean the kitchen" but must have action steps to accomplish the big goal.
  4. The next group of learners are like me.  I want to know What's Next?  Those of you who learn as I do want to take what you have learned and put it into action. (hmmmm, hence the blog post) This learner is typically an action learner, entrepreneur, and problem solver. 


 How Do You Learn Best at Conferences

Did you see the method of learning that fits your personality? Are you more aware of how to listen for the parts that resonate with you?

A learning conference of 400 people can be overwhelming.  Now that I have learned the best way to market my message, I will be able to teach more effectively by including…
  • Why 
  • What 
  • How to 
  • What's next 

Because I am a keynote speaker, it is important to me to reach every member of the audience and touch their heart.

True Learning Takes Place When We Have Action

Knowledge is empty without action, feedback and tweaking to incorporate something new into our lives and change for the better. So will you take the information presented here  today and share your thoughts with this community of kind, thoughtful and supportive people?

In gratitude,

Judy H. Wright aka Auntie Artichoke

Learning at Internet Marketing Conference