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If you want to make sure you or your child have an occupation that will last forever and will always be in demand, then learn to be a problem solver.  A new job description for a new world would read;

“Wanted: people who are bright, thoughtful, able to work without supervision and without a firm structure in place.  Especially want those who make their own rules and imagine the amazing possibilities. Searching for people who are willing to be a problem solver of all kinds of situations and to think not only outside the box, but outside the universe.”

Five Solutions for every Situation

The leaders, shakers and movers of the new world will have to recognize that there is no one answer for each problem.  There is no one way that anything can be done.  There are dozens, hundreds and thousands of ways that have not been tried and utilized.

Imagination, creativity and the ability to see into the future will make for the new workers.  I tell my grandchildren that their job has not been created yet, and they are going to be the ones to create it. Their life skills need to include day dreaming new ideas as well as ordering a pizza.

New Game and New Rules or Guidelines for Success

Don’t worry how the game used to be played, because the rules have completely changed or will as you learn to think of old problems with new solutions.

Your new job description is pretty simple but all encompassing; Be a problem solver and look for new answers, inventions and innovative ways to communicate what you know with others who need your direction and guidance.

I have confidence in you and your ability to see new ways of solving problems. If you are

concerned about your level of self confidence, see



Judy H. Wright aka Auntie Artichoke, family relationship author and keynote speaker

Problem Solver – New Job Description