Hello from beautiful Montana
Today we no longer worry about the 3 R’s of “reading, riting and rthmitic”. We are concerned with the 7 R’s  of becoming reflective, responsive, responsible, respectful, reverent, risk taker and resilient.
I have the unique opportunity and blessing to work with the early education instructor who teach the children in child care, Head Start and pre-schools. I see a shift in education and methods of teaching.
Coloring inside the Lines is no Longer Important

The aptitude of how to do things is not as important because many of the things these kids will be doing has not been invented yet.  We are more interested in the attitude  and mindset of “I Can Do It” because they will be the ones who will be developing the careers, jobs and inventions of the future.
Mindsets of the Future- the 7 R’s
  • Reflective (able to see how their actions affect others, the ability to step back and look at new ways)
  • Responsive (able to communicate openly with others, to ask for what they want and to act quickly)
  • Responsible (Makes decisions about life and is willing to own them)
  • Respectful (treat others as you would like to be treated)
  • Reverent (recognize the intrinsic value of people and property in all cultures.
  • Risk taker (problem solver- know that for every situation there is at least 5 solutions- there is no one right way any more. Old ways may not be  the best. New ways of looking at old problems.  Help children know   that they are safe to make a mistake.
  • Resilient (ability to bounce back from adversity and not let mistakes to stop them from moving forward.)
Ready to Step Into The World
A child who has developed these characteristics is ready to step into the world as a mature member of society.  He or she will not only contribute, but also shape the destiny of the world.  They will be a catalyst for change to a better way; an example to others and touchstone for all that is good, kind and ethical.
By assisting the children in our circle of influence to learn these values, we have given them the greatest gifts we can;
  • A strong inner guided character and
  • A deep sense of self confidence
As a community of caring adults who want the best for the children in our circle of influence, let’s work together to teach the 7 R’s of life.
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Reflective, Responsible, Respectful, Responsive, Reverant, Risk-Taker & Resilient