Hello from beautiful Montana:

I promise I will get back to organizational tips tomorrow, but today I need to discuss a subject that have many parents and kids nervous.  Going back to school and finding friends.

Making friends is a skill, just like playing the piano or riding a bike.

Skills can be learned and behaviors can be changed.  New habits can be formed.  Different responses can become automatic action if they are practiced on a consistent basis.

While it may require more effort for some people to be comfortable in groups or to read body language, it can be done.  Especially, if the child is willing to practice this new skill and knows she has your support and encouragement.

Remind her of her positive qualities

Encourage your child’s  efforts to get along with peer and to find a friend, even when it appears that such attempt are not meeting with success. Another reminder is that making just the right friend for her may take some time and not to give up. 

Help her to see what she has to offer as a friend. 

For example, you might say: “I really appreciate it when my friends call me and invite me places.  It makes me feel welcome and accepted.  Even on the times when I am not able to go, it still feel good to know they thought of me.  That is why I treat them with kindness and respect, because that is how I want to be treated.”

If you would like more information on helping your child or you make friends, please go to hhtp://www.The LeftOutChild.com     I also lead a free teleclass on this and many other family relationship subjects each Thursday.  You may register for any or all of the calls at http://www.ArtichokePress.com

We would like to have you in the community of support and friendship.

Judy H. Wright aka Auntie Artichoke, family relationship coach and author

The Importance of Friendship