Are You an Author-ity?
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The easiest way to become an expert, specialist, power to be reckoned with, a person of influence and someone deemed to know what they are talking about–in other words, an authority–is to write a book.

For some unknown reason, people will trust you, refer to you, and want to hang around with you more if they know that you have the title of the author behind your name. It is gratifying to have people call you for advice, to pick up the tab for coffee, or offer to pay you to speak at their organization. It is especially good because the fame you get from being an author is much bigger than the paycheck.

Big Bucks or Fame?
Millions of people are already writing a book, thinking about writing a book, or are telling themselves they could write a better book than the one they just finished reading. They visualize themselves as the next Frank McCourt or Nora Roberts in embryo. Visions of applause on the Oprah show, piles of money, and Book of the Month club invitations spur them on and keep their fingers on the keyboard

Even though there are millions of authors, less than 1% of them are making a living in their trade. The average annual payoff in financial dollars for a first-time author is about equal to what you would pay for a nice two-week vacation or a set of living room furniture. Some authors even lose money and certainly lose huge amounts of time to see their thoughts in print.

Writing is Hard Work
The reality of life is that writing a book is hard work. The work is tedious, boring, and lonely. Just when you think you have all the answers, along comes another question. You send the manuscript out for suggestions and corrections and it comes back marked with red blood stains and comments meant to break your heart or spirit.

Yes, the actual writing of the book does take time and is hard work, but marketing is what takes the toll on most authors. Many assume that once the ideas have gone to words, the words have gone to paper, and the paper has gone to press that the work is done. Ha! It is just beginning. Whether you self-publish or go with Random House, you–the author–are expected to market the book and make sales, do interviews, send out review copies and do autograph parties, which you set up.

Why Bother Writing a Book?
So, if the work is hard, the financial sales are few and the critics are merciless, why bother? Because a book will immediately establish you as an expert in a subject, and you will be sought after to offer an opinion or sound bite. If you are a speaker, you will be able to sell to a captive audience who is already interested in your subject matter. If you are a service provider, you can offer your books as an incentive or added value. If you are an entrepreneur, you can use this as a vehicle to teach your brand of marketing.

This is the information age and you can break your book down into articles and submit them to the Internet or sell them as an eBook. There are many places to sell books online and this will give you residual income.

Do You Have A Book In You?
If you do, then bring it out in the open. Share what you know that no one else knows. There is an audience out there who needs what you have to say. Who cares if it brings piles of money as long as it brings satisfaction and fulfills your dream? If you have ambitions in speaking, consulting, or training, it is almost imperative that you create a “product’ of yourself. If you have a message or story that needs to be told, then tell it. No one can ever convey that information as well as you.

Who knows, a reporter may call you one day as they did me today and ask for permission to quote from one of my books. She started off by saying, “As a leading authority on parenting, how do you feel …………”

It was worth its weight in gold.
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Are You an “Author-ity” on Your Business and Life?
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