Hello from beautiful Montana:

Do you speak the same language as your spouse, children, boss and co-workers?  You may very well be  nodding your head and saying; “Of course, we all speak English or Spanish or French.” You may  understand the words others speak, but do you always get the message they intended? Do others sometimes miss what you are trying to convey in words?

There is a much more universal language and that is the language of love and friendship. Sometimes the words spoken and verbal languages are the least important part of communication.

Body Language

Spoken words are the communication of information and are only integrated and believed about 20% of the time.  Body language is the communication of relationships  and is accepted and believed 80% of the time. If a choice comes between what you say and what you do, people will always believe what you do and how you make them feel.

It is the unspoken facial expression of delight when someone you love comes into view. It is the pat on the back for the teenager to indicate you are on his side. It is warm handshake for a business client. It is smiling at the grocery clerk who is obviously stressed and overwhelmed.

Relationships Need Communication to Grow

For all of us, our communication skills directly relate to how successful we’ll be in the inner personal relationships, both personal and professional.  Learning to respect others unconditionally will help us to connect on a spiritual level.

You don’t need to like what others say and do, but you do need to respect their right to be who they are.  Our souls are all connected, and by communicating with the language of love, we will be able to understand those who are struggling to speak “our language of love.”

Your friend and supporter,

Judy Helm Wright aka Auntie Artichoke, family relationship author and keynote motivational speaker


Language of Love