Sing Away Sadness, Anxiety and Worry.  Huh?  You have got to be kidding?  Come on stick with me here. This really will work, at least for 3 minutes at a time.  What do you have to lose?

Climb every Mountain.. The Hills are alive with the Sound of Music…

Can you see Julie Andrews on the Mountain side raising her arms and her voice as she encouraged the Von Trapp family to keep going in the face of adversity? She encouraged them and herself with music and movemehnt.

When we are going through hard times, depression, anxiety, worries or feel that our lives are out of control, we don’t want to sing, we want to go bed and crawl under the covers.

But studies and personal experience has shown that just the mere act of making a decision and moving forward in some small way causes serotonin in your brain to release. This means that you start to feel and act happier.

Dance Wildly and Sing Loudly

Turn out your radio to a good station. (That does not mean a talk show or the news- then you really will be depressed).  Each song lasts about three minutes.  Make a decision to be happy for the next three minutes and while the song is playing sing along as loud or louder than the singer.

It really doesn’t matter how well you can sing or even if you can’t carry a tune in a bucket!  The very act of expressing yourself with music, song and deep breaths will lift your spirit.

Think of Julie Andrews lifting the corners of her apron as she danced and sang.

Now you do it. Come on. Dance around like a fool and sing at the top of your lungs. Don’t you feel lighter letting some of those emotions float out of your body and into the universe?

Are You Smiling?

See it worked.

You can’t hold a sad thought and smile at the same time. It is physically impossible to smile and have negative thoughts in your mind.

Doesn’t it feel good to feel good for even a few minutes?  If you can feel happier for three minutes every hour or even every day, wouldn’t it be worth it to sing away that sadness, anxiety and worry?  I am going to keep doing it.  Won’t you sing with me?

I’m smiling with you, not at you.

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Sing Away Sadness, Anxiety and Worry