May I Have This Dance -Committed Parents

Many people do not know what committed and loving parents say and do on a daily basis. If you have grown up in a dysfunctional family or never had a stable family life, how would you know? This article tells the story of a foster daughter who first saw my husband and I dancing together in the kitchen and it changed her life. Sharing the story has also changed the lives of those who have heard it. May you enjoy the dance? You will also enjoy the affordable and effective parenting books available at

What Makes a Family?

Families teach us that we can survive the pain of divorce, mental illness, abuse, alcoholism, suicide, unemployment, violence and all the other stuff that happens in life. The functional and flourishing family is most productive when it has goals and values as a unit.

When your family is supportive and respectful of the rights and dreams of each other, it is a wonderful spring-board to life.